Sally new redesign

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This is pretty much news that should have been known already but may as well gives the alert the ones that want to keep track of everything. Sally is getting a new look. The reaction to this change of it is the usual default: angry, crying, and are willing to threaten. As I would like to make statement of fan bases repeating behaviors I will skip the scolding since someone else did would have done it for me and think about why the change.

As you know Eggman did a number on the Mobians and Sonic. I think the change will show a reminder of the damages what he has done and can be explain from her previous appearance which at this date is now this

You have to admit when she become deroboticized some things would have taken effect.

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I know I'm going to sound like a bitter old man here, but thank God I've never read Sonic comics. I mean, I grew up playing Sonic on Sega Genesis and I just can't relate to this at all.

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After some time I try summarize. Sally sacrificed herself in order to stop Robotnik aka Eggman from roboticizing half the planet. She got roboticized in the process but Robotnik/Eggman learning from past mistakes modify her body so if they try to deroboticized her she won’t be able live that long afterward.

Rescuing her will be very difficult as she is now weapon of mass destruction and all her strategy is now aiding Egg Empire due to being his control.

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Well as you know the Archie Sonic Universe got a reboot sort of by the Genesis Wave and Sally has another redesign. It is going to be a dozy of an edit on every character. Open season points everybody

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