Sally acorn being roboticized

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Any of you keeping up with Archie Sonic Hedgehog comics probably heard that Princess Sally Acorn will be roboticized. It will called the downward spiral for the comics, mean that it will affect everyone.

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Oh man, one of my boyhood animated dreamgirls getting robotized? that sucks ass. That means she'll be a villain i'm sure.

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It seem Robotnik did more. Now sally has been Weaponized to make sure that can’t turn back normal just by using derobotizing machine and has power source to make it difficult for her have freewill. This means either by magic or the reverting gem that in currently Ixis Naugus hands to make her back to normal. That or search her original body parts before they can deroboticized her. This would possibly be the same fate to those who are roboticized.

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Yes Sonic and friends must find the magic stone to transform her back to normal

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I blame Amy.

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Incase you are wondering what are things that have fallen were the end of the Freedom Fighters. It caused the damage psyche of Nicole making her emotionally distant to everyone, until Mina manage to apologize to her and ask her to return. The people now trust in Ixis Naugus. Antoine is in a coma and Bunnie loosing her strength of both her cybernetics and husband makes her feel that she is useless and she left the group. New Mobius got destroyed, again.

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@Vance Astro said:

I blame Amy.

I don't even know half of Sonic's roster of characters and I completely agree with this statement.

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Man, this sounds really terrible. I wonder how everyone will pull out of this.

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There are two groups that have been made after the freedom fighters disbanded. They are called Team Freedom and Team Fighters.

Team Fighters thwarts Robotnik’s plans and try to rescue Sally. Consider them the cavalry to the rescue. The leadership is in question with Tails and Sonic. Team Freedom is a defense force for new Mobotropolis. They are leaded by Rotor.

There is third group called the Secret Freedom Fighters. They secretly find out what Ixis Naugus is planning and are leaded by Elise. He reminds me Rodimus Prime, since he bailed out once and he has take the place of a great leader who has fallen and he feel he will not be able to live up to it. He is advised by Harvey Who.

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You know I have to wonder if Sonic will do the unthinkable and will enforce to kill her. He did kill Fly Fly Freddy and Heavy.

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