I had a crush on her when i was a kid

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I remembered when i was 11 when i bought the comics since the first issue i thought she was cute then when i was 12 watching the SatAM show i thought her SatAM version was hot.

I mean she's quite cute for a squirrel girl i have to admit and didn't hurt to help that Kate Sourcie was her voice.

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It is very know that her voice made her very attractive. Look at Sonia from Sonic Underground and you feel the opposite since her voice sounded too much like Urkel. Jaleel White is very talented but female impression needs work. It could be her mannerism I never liked Daphne from Scooby for her constant annoyance of stating that she is perfect and whining. It took Rarity from My little Pony to think differently of that trope of characters.

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