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Luna is the younger sister of Celestia they both have lived for many years. Luna is the Princess of the Night and tasked with raising and lowering the moon. They both were the former users of the Elements of Harmony to which they used to seal Discord in a stone prison for torturing pegasai, unicorns and earth ponies with his powers over chaos. She represented the elements of Honesty, Laughter and Loyatly when she originally wielded them. She and Celestia together banished King Sombra for enslaving the Crystal Ponies.

Luna as Nightmare Moon

As the years went by Luna grew bitter and angry for her night being shunned by ponies that she refused to lower the moon. Soon her bitterness corrupted her and became "Nightmare Moon". Celestia was force to use the Elements of Harmony to seal her sister in the moon for a thousand years. Nightmare Moon was freed from her prison on the longest day of the thousandth year during the "Summer Sun Celebration". She continued her plan for creating a everlasting night but was stopped by: Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash who used the Elements of Harmony to heal her. After returning back to normal she made amends with her sister and accepted ruling Equestria together.

Due to her being sealed 1000 years she is still adapting to modern customs and still feels discouraged for not being appreciated and still being feared for her time as Nightmare Moon. She has learn to talk softly instead of using the "Royal Canterlot Voice" from Fluttershy and also learned to have fun from Applejack. She has accepted her holiday "Nightmare Night" as what it is and that children enjoy the holiday.


Although she is in charge of the moon, she is also able to enter and monitor the dreams of ponies as this is part of being Princess of the Night.


She still has mannerism from a thousand years ago that is learning to develop to the time. She prefers being in the heat of action but will listen to her older sister.


Princess Luna is a Alicorn with vast amount of magical powers who is able to raise and lower the moon with her magic. Despite this she is capable of controlling the weather and is capable of shapeshifting. Her most unique ability is to enter other ponies dreams. Sometimes she will assist those having nightmares like when Scootaloo was having nightmares. She also visited Sweetie Belle and showed her the consequences of her actions by showing her the past, present and future in her dreams.

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