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Leanna is a princess of the Zardon Empire. As children Princess Asrial and Princess Leanna were best friends. Unfortunately, war broke out between their two planets and caused a rift between them that could never truly be healed.

Leanna would try to hurt Asrial by stealing the one thing on Earth that Asrial cared about... Jeremy. In an attempt to save him, Baka, Jaka and Nestor use the transmogrifier to turn Jeremy into a Salusian hybrid, (see Steam, Beans and Automobiles) along with the help of Ichi's younger sister Hitomi and her girl commandos were able to keep Leanna at bay. This would however be far from the last time Jeremy and his friends would here from her.

Leanna orchestrated the first giant monster attack on Quagmire. She also kidnapped and tortured Asrial. Jeremy and Ichi travelled on Asrial's spaceship to attempt a rescue. All their plans became pointless when Leanna ended up getting double crossed by her own people. Bishop Olmos and his right hand man betrayed Leanna and imprisoned her along with the rest of the gang and her true feelings came out. There is a thin line between love and hate and apparently she was in love with both Asrial and Jeremy, (making her the first openly bisexual character in the book). The execution order was being executed just as Kalen, (Asrial's brother) and his crew arrived to save the group.

Leanna died in Asrial's arms, but that turned out not to be the last we saw/heard of her.

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