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Prince William was the heir to the throne in his home world, an Earth located in the Marvel Multiverse. Prince William first encountered Excalibur when they first started their journey through the said Multiverse in the Cross-Time Caper. He was infatuated by one Kitty Pryde, and attempted to fight over her against Lockheed (Kitty's pet Dragon). When Lockheed was stopped by the rest of Excalibur, Kitty was captured and then arranged to marry Prince William, though he was only a teenager. Eventually though, Excalibur met a stronger foe whilst trying to free a princess. After beating the troll, they finally found the source; a young girl seeking the attention of Prince William, kidnapping herself. She turned out to be the equivalent of Kitty. She and the Prince William married, and lived happily ever after.


Prince William was created by the Excalibur duo Chris Claremont and Alan Davis. Paul Neary did the Inking on this issue.

Character Evolution

When Prince William first appeared, he seemed like a young, annoying and brutish boy. As the issues continued, Prince William began blooming into a much kinder character. Thanks to Excalibur, he developed a lot, and he finally became the royal heir he was striving to be.

Major Story Arcs

Prince William first appeared and developed in the Cross-Time Caper. This was the only story he has ever made an appearance.

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