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Current Events

At the moment Prince Robot IV is pursuing Alana and Marko by travelling to the home of D. Oswald Heist as he believes the family are there too. IV is after the group for various reasons including escape from prison and having an unlawful relationship that resulted in fathering a hybrid baby, Hazel.

His wife is expecting their first child.


Prince Robot IV comes from the planet Landfall that has been in war with the people of its orbiting moon Wreath for a long time. Although he would like to start a family his father, the King of Landfall, wants to see him in action. Prince Robot IV is a loving and calm character who can erupt in a second. He does not object brutality and makes use of it whenever he feels necessary.

He is a humanoid being with the head of a small television set, and has the ability to shapeshift his right arm into a cannon. The television screen is mostly off however sometimes it shows images that display his feelings and thoughts. It can also be used to show images that may threaten and even mind-control others.


Prince Robot IV was created by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples, his first appearance was in Image Comic's Saga #1.

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