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Nuada is the son of the one armed King Balor. He is a Sivlerlance. Nuada has a Twin sister named Nuala. Nuada carries a spear. To match his Spear he has a cleaver bladed sward. Nauda and Nuala have mythical powers like when Nuada hurts himself he hurts Nuala.

Nuada also went into exile bowing to return when his people need him. Nuada killed his father just to get the first piece for the Golden Army. When Nuada caught up to Nuala he found three new people Hellboy, Abe and Johann Kruss. Nuada unleashed the last of its kind, Forest God. Hellboy killed the Forest God.

Nuada soon use his mythical powers to find Nuala again but this time at the B.P.R.D. To get in, Nuada slaughtered the guards with the help of two dogs. Nuada meet Hellboy again and fought him for the last crown piece. Nuada injured Hellboy badly and almost killed him. Nuada left with his sister to the place where the Golden Army laid to rest. Hellboy soon found Nuada and Abe gave Nuada the last piece for the crown.

Nuada made the army come back to life. Nuada was challeged by Hellboy to command the army. Nuada nearly defeated Hellboy, but Nuala sacrificed herself, killing Nuada as well.

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