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Dezan is the younger brother of deceased Emperor Dorrek. Dezan was imprisoned for being condsidered radical and made to wear an inhibitor mask which prevented him from using the Skrull ability to shape shift. After Dorrek died, R'Klll became queen until her and Princess Anelle were killed by Galactus destroying the ThroneWorld. This should of rightfully made Dezan king as he was the last of the Royal family but this was not to happen because the Skrulls considered him a traitor.
Rescued from Imprisonent
Dezan was eventually rescued from the Skrull prison world Klarr by three other Skrulls. After the rescue he was taken to the Skrull colony, Kral IV; where he met the Avengers who were accompanying Major Syrro. This was the time when the Hyper-Wave Bomb was detonated by two former friends of Dezan, Zabyk and Mym. This bomb stripped all Skrulls of their shape changing ability. Dezan became a free man and the Avengers left.

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