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Prince Alrik is the son and heir to the throne of the Barbarians. He is a brutal and formidable warrior. 
Alrik was chosen as the champion of Hades in a wager with the other gods. He must save his father's life with the Ambrosia of Asclepius and is aware others seek it as well. This will eventually pit him against the champion of Ares - Kratos
On his quest, he first encounters the champion of Hermes, Danaus. Danaus fights for his village as well, all his animals dying and his people starving. This matters not to Alrik, who easily beheads his opponent with his massive axe. Keeping the head of Danaus, Alrik takes over his power to control animals and uses giants rocs to attack Kratos and the Spartans after they obtain the ambrosia. Alrik had long watched the Spartans and planned to attack them after they had gotten the ambrosia, when they would be at their most exhausted.  
Hades again interfered on Alrik's behalf, and between this and the rocs, Alrik was able to take the ambrosia and escape. He was pursued by Kratos and Alrik would have killed Kratos, except Kratos had been splashed with the ambrosia and healed. 

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