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A Plasmagen captain of a ship given great power by Thanos, and redefines himself  as the God of Fire. Primo is originally of the Plasmagen race. His ship had been brought under attack from one of Thanos spaceships during flight in space. The monstrous Reptyl knocking out Primo on boarding of his ship. When he was roused later, he was before Thanos himself, and was offered a deal to receive great power in return for servitude. He would become Thano's second member of his pantheon after Reptyl. Primo accepted and was infused and transformed with power, and dubbed himself the God of Fire.  
Not long after his transformation, Thanos ship is attacked by a contingent of Eternals, lead by Thanos brother Starfox. While Thanos sees to his brother Starfox, Primo and Reptyl tackle the group of Eternals, wounding and killing many. They return to Thanos and a weakened Starfox before simultaneously striking him. His next task appointed by Thanos is to locate and hunt down the Celestial Messiah Sequoia. Primo and Reptyl locate the boy, who also is known as Quoi, and they confront him and his new companion Raptra. Primo is defeated by Quoi who absorbs his source of power, briefly extinguishing him, but Reptyl manages to persist against Raptra's laser gun, knocking down Quoi, their fate sealed when the mad titan Thanos shows up himself. Primo and Reptyl are present on Thanos ship when the Avengers attempt to rescue Quoi as well as some of their own in Vision and Mantis. Not long after this altercation Primo is killed by the Rot.   


Primo is a Marvel comics character and was created by Steve Englehart, and Jorge Santamaria and first appeared in Avengers: Celestial Quest #4. It is suggested that Starbolt of the Imperil Guard, may be of the same race as Primo. Primo was given a power increase in his first appearance and for the remainder of his stories appears bulked up. It was later revealed in a retcon that the Thanos that empowered Primo was actually a Thanos clone, a member of the Thanosi.   

Powers and Abilities 

Primo has fire and energy based powers. He could emit, generate and shoot plasma bolts. Prior to his transformation, he was composed of and emitted a fiery form of energy. Much like Reptly who received a similar power upgrade, Primo post transformation was larger and bulkier physically, but still fiery and flame like, and he had acquired the raw power and strength that allowed him capable to fight and even wound Eternals.     

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