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Adam Berman Was a brilliant young student from Newton High School who wanted to apply for a position at the prestigious Frost's Massachusetts Academy. but his academic rival Ginny Mahoney beat him for the position, Berman hid the fact he was a mutant fearing the treatment against them. Unfortunately a prime sentinel called Bastion turn Mahoney into a prime sentinel. 

After witnessing using his powers against a school bully , Ginny obtained a saliva sample from him. Still determined to go to the school he tried to convince the headmasters but Emma Frost used her telepathy to activate his powers which led him to fled because she believed he would be a threat to the human students in the academy because they did not know some of their peers are mutants. 

When Banshee gave a lecture at Berman's school, just as Mahoney made her assault upon Berman. Using the sample she had obtained earlier, she activated his powers, causing him to run amock. She then stepped into the fray in Prime Sentinel mode, claiming to be "protecting" by-standers from "the mutant menace". Banshee and Berman fought Mahoney, and in the midst of the battle, Berman observed that the only person injuring by-standers was Mahoney herself-- she was the true menace. Faced with this fact, Mahoney returned to normal, kissed Berman one last time, then fled the scene.  It is unknown if he kept his powers though it was speculated he appeared 198 limited series .

Powers & Abilities

Adam has the ability to turn into a lizard-like, claw creature. In this form he possesses superhuman strength, speed, and endurance, and stands 50% taller. Even in his normal state, Adam's eyes glow red and he wears sunglasses at all times to hide it. Using his reptilian form causes extreme dehydration upon return to his normal form. He also forcibly reverts back to human form when thrown unconscious.

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