Better than The Lion King

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I'd heard about this book but never bothered to look for it. Saw it earlier today in a book store and I flipped through it, liked the art and decided to read just a little to see if I liked it. I ended up reading it straight through the end. It was moving, made me a little sad. Should I admit that? Now that I think about it, I finished it feeling a lot like I did after We3 (but worse), but I think for different reasons. Maybe. I'm not thinking about it that hard, just find it funny that I care more about animals than the people whose heads Midnighter kicks off and Peter Parker's constant complaining. Anyway, good book, a little different than most are probably used to (even the ones that read more than just superhero comics). Anyone else see it? Read it? Liked it? Hated it? Don't care?

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Take that as a "Don't care."

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I just seen the thread , I totally get what your saying, When I read it I was sad as well, I think cause we see animals as weaker then ourslefs, That it hits us more, But it is a good read and the art is bang on!

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I haven't read it, so I'm not able to comment on the book, but I'll take the other points. Superheroes don't garner the same sympathy because, let's be honest, we want to be them. We have some envy for them. Like Arrow said, we see animals as weaker than ourselves. I think we also feel that humans bring their problems on themselves where as animals don't.

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I think that last part might be the biggest thing. Humans are responsible for what happens to them, but it doesn't seem that way for animals, even the talking ones.

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I just read it last night. I was gonna break halfway through but that didn't happen. The book takes you in and you can't escape till its over. I wish it was a little longer though.

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Yeah, I read it over summer and loved every panel.

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