Preus Respect Thread

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Preus was the seargent of Citizen's Patrol Corps, comes from the alternate dimension Kandor populated by multiple alien species,the Kandorians are devout follower of "The Superman" their legendary savior,he truly believe that Ka-El is him. Until discover is a Kal-El came from another Universe and believe he was contaminated his world,after being trapped in our world he build an army of White Supremacists on the desert to spread his words and take over the planet.

First appearance

In his fisrt appearance Preus was pursuing rebels across the city,already showing a great durability when take which seems to be a missil.

First confrontation with Superman

When was brought to our world,the Yellow Sun gives to Preus similar power that Supermans has and other powers like energy manipulation. He demonstrate to be able to match or even being capable to superpass Superman,thanks to energy manipulation and already showing great durability when Lyla was a slowly destroying the city,Preus and Superman with her powers..after being throw away by Superman,he's seems to be unharmed.

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@holyserpent: You're welcome. When I had time I will updated,ok?

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