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Pretty Persuasions' energy whip.

Heidi P. Franklin's background is relatively unknown before she eagerly volunteered to be part of an experiment at Genetech.  Harmon Furmintz,  the Chief Executive Officer at Genetech was running a program to create a new race of enhanced superhumans.  Along with several other test subjects involved in the Psionex Project, she had specific portions of her mind enhanced through biochemical, biomechanical, and biosurgical means.  As personal information was stolen from the individual members of the New Warriors by the Thinker, and was somehow implemented by Genetech to complete the Psionex Project, Night Thrasher wanted answers.  As a result, the New Warriors broke into the Genetech facility.  Psionex appeared to have been tipped off, and quickly captured the New Warriors.  Pretty Persuasions used her powers to wrap an energy rope around Nova's neck to incapacitate him.  Eventually, Speedball arrived an hour later, and caused a jailbreak.  Persuasions was again paired off against Nova, but Marvel Boy intervened and somehow warped her psionic powers back at her, knocking her out. 
As Night Thrasher and his team had trespassed on private property, and there were no laws against creating super humans as Firestar put it, the New Warriors left the scene.  The fledgling science and research company assured the New Warriors promising to be more responsible and prudent in the future.  Unfortunately, as the members of Psionex improved and enhanced their superhuman potential, their psychiatric profiles diminished.  Pretty Persuasions was put into solitary confinement, as she kept seducing the psyche teams and lab workers.  Soon, the members of Psionex would become restless, and violent.  Genetech put a call out to the New Warriors for assistance.  This time, Persuasions was paired against Speedball.  While commenting on his 'truckload of stamina', she subdued Speedball with her energy whip around his neck.  Despite having Nova knock Speedball into her, she was about to gain the upper hand on Richard as well until Silhouette materialized from the shadows behind her, and ended the fight.  Ultimately, Terrax arrived on the scene and leveled the scientific research center.  Pretty Persuasions, and several other members of Psionex took the opportunity to cut loose.

Pretty Persuasions at the Cheetah Club.

Heidi returned to the local club circuit on Long Island as a dancer.  As soon as the dust had settled from the Terrax incident, Dwayne and Namorita went to check up on Mathemanic's acitivities, while Richard and Vance took Pretty Persuasions on as an assignment.  Richard discovered through word of mouth that Pretty Persuasions was working at the Cheetah Club.  He created fake IDs for himself and Vance, and entered the go-go bar to corroborate the story.  Richard visited Heidi in her room after one of her routines, and cheekily, told her not to step out of line.  


Pretty Persuasion was created by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley in 1990 and first appeared in New Warriors # 4.  

The Thunderbolts Army

During the Civil War, Pretty Persuasion registers under the Superhuman Registration Act and joins the Thunderbolts Army. The Thunderbolts had to fight off cities filled with civilians who were suddenly empowered when the Grandmaster opened up the Wellspring of Power. The Thunderbolts were broken up into numerous squads and sent to various locations throughout the world. Pretty Persuasion was part of the Beta squad which also consisted of the Bloodstrike, Smiling Tiger, Texas Twister and Coronary. This group was responsible of maintaining order in Los Angeles. During the fight, the mind of Bloodstrike and Smiling Tiger is taken over by the onslaught of the Wellspring's energies. Bloodstrike and Smiling Tiger turn on their teammates and take down Coronary and Pretty Persuasion.

 Powers & Abilities

Heidi P. Franklin is an exotic dancer who received the ability to amplify the erotic impulses of other people, usually men.  She can also create tangible psionic weapons out of her own sexual urges.  She seems to prefer bondage themed weapons such as chains or whips.  Heidi has a history of returning to her career as a dancer whenever Psionex has disbanded; thus she has above-average (though not superhuman) levels of agility and athletic ability maintained by such constant "exercise"..

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