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Pretty Awesome

After I picked up the first issue, there was no single issue I was more excited to read than the second issue of Pretty Deadly. That said, the events in the first issue were not really explained and it was a little tough to follow the storyline, and I thought the second issue would make or break this series.

Well rest assured, the second issue is the best one yet. The storytelling is more straightforward, and it explains the events in the first issue very nicely, to the point where I now view what I once thought of as flaws in the first issue as one of the issues strengths.

I already knew Kelly Sue DeConnick was a very talented writer, but this is a new high for her. The way she continues the story and at the same time explains events in the first issue such as Big Alice's visit to Johnny is just brilliant. And yet, there clearly still is much more to be explained, such as what will become of Sissy and Fox and what exactly the binder is and why it's so important.

Emma Ross's artwork is also excellent and her storytelling is rather appropriate to the storyline. Her choice of panels and the amount of detail that she opts to use in each panel brilliantly focuses the reader's attention on just what she wants you to focus on and she does this as well as anyone.

If you had a problem with the first issue and still didn't care for the first issue after reading the second, then maybe this series is not for you. But I am hooked on this series.

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