Why do you like Valerie Sharp aka Pressure?

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With this thread, We will be able to know why you like the character. I'll start.

I was able to read 1 comic issue from Malibu Comics and if I remember it right, it was Freex #1. When I saw the cover,

I was immediately attracted by the beautiful green energy blast coming from that girl's hands. As I continued reading, I've learned that she was abused by her stepfather and ran away. I actually like her story because it also reminds me of the experience that I've had with my father. I'm not saying that my dad is bad. It's just that we don't get along and we always disagree on things like about smoking and drinking, especially smoking because I don't see a good reason why he has to smoke when it's dangerous to one's health.

But anyways, it was really the beautiful green energy blast that really made me like Pressure a lot, especially that green is also my favorite color. I really love the way the colorist colored her powers because it really looked very, very beautiful and that's actually one of the main reasons I kept on checking that issue over and over again. Just check on pages which she showed her powers.

So how about you?

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Am i the only fan of hers?

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@jhazzroucher: I've never even heard of her until now! But if I had, I MIGHT have been a fan!

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