Unfairly Imprisioned

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I read that Abin Sur was damned for giving Hal Jordan his ring. This means the presence, or whoever condemned Abin for Hal becoming parallax, something that Abin could not have known or been held responsible for. The same for Hal being sent to purgatory for his actions as Parallax. What does this say about the presence, or indeed bringing Christian belief into a universal setting? I for one think that moving beyond earth should bring a certain Atheism or not give such preference to the Abrahamic god over all others (Treating the Presence and the One above all as the "true creators" of there respective universes while treating all other gods as lesser deities)

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well,while I am christian I agree.I don't think they should bring the abrahamic God into their comicbook company.

At least marvel has odin,and the one above all (who is actually stan lee or something like that)

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@cameron83 : I see no reason not to bring any kind of god into fiction. The Presence has technically been around since the first showing of the spectre so the christian god as been in DC for quite some time. But the comic code back then said you can't mention the almighty god or any gods from what I got. But I see no reason to look at the character deeper in the DC perspective. I can see how some followers of the belief could find it insulting. But remember that Odin, Zeus, and all of them were worshiped and could still be worshiped by some people. And the Hindu gods are still a major world religion and there in comics. My friend who is Hindu had no problem when Vishnu was pwnd by Areshem the Celestial. So I see no problem bringing in any god into a fictional setting

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