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Where Do I Begin?

It seems that this issue was just unnecessary.  I mean it was appropriate for us to see the Deadpool Corp gather together to fight whatever huge threat there is out there, but this issue just falls flat.  I mean I wasn't really interested in the story of the Deadpool Corp competing against other crazy groups for the approval of some cosmic being to save the Universe.  I mean I understand where the writer is coming from showing us the teams first official outing is kinda neat, but in the end I just felt like "bleh". 
And this is not mostly the writers fault, some blame is to be shifted to the artist too.  I personally did not feel that this art was appropriate for this book.  It just seemed bizarre and out of place and bizarre art is not a necessity for a Deadpool book. I'm hoping this is a one time thing and Deadpool Corps turns out to be one of my favorite things that Marvel has done.  However this book is a miss.
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Posted by Aspenite

You´re so damn right about this issue. I didn´t like the art at all. It was just terrible.

Posted by HaHaManHV

The art was horrendous, I really don't see how he went from one  segment in Merc with a Mouth 8 to a whole issue. Shame on you Marvel.

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