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Witness the birth of the most important super hero team ever in a universe-spanning event that will rock the month of March! Wade Wilson has been tapped to save the Universe, and to do that he's going to need help. Enter: The sexy-but-insecure Lady Deadpool! The devious-but-lovable Headpool (a.k.a. the Zombie Deadpool Head)! The bratty-but-brilliant Kidpool! And the irascible mutt known as Dogpool! Individually, they're, well, kind of messed up, but together, they're the unstoppable force known as DPC.  
This issue begins with scientists testing the Mascara X onto Wilson (Dogpool). After the procedure Wilson was left disfigured. So they dumped Wilson into a dumpster leaving him for dead. Wilson escaped and become Deadpool: merc with a bark! While running away he ended up getting hit by a car. A couple of circus people found Dogpool and had him become a circus performer doing impossible stunts like being fired out of a cannon, throwing knives around him, and even set on fire. As time went on Dogpool became more popular and got the scientists attention. After one his shows, the scientist tried to kidnap Dogpool but Dogpool beat up the scientists and made them run away. After that the scientist made a dog version of Wolverine and sent him to kill Dogpool. Wolverine was proven stronger but Dogpool tricked Wolverine into going into a cannon and being fired out of the cannon and into a pool of acid. After that Earth 616 Deadpool comes in and takes Dogpool away.

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