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Predators...a worthy successor

I've just seen Predators today at the cinema with my dad, and as I watched it, I was thinking to myself "Hey, this isn't half bad". The atmosphere built around the Predators themsleves is brilliant, it's as if Robert Rodriguez was trying to make the third Predator movie seem like the first, and he did a good job in doing so. It was a tinsy bit like a re-imagining of the original Predator, the same plot format but with notable differences in character, location etc. 
Adrien Brody was quite a good actor as Royce. I'm glad Rodriguez didn't pick a huge, muscular, action-star to play Royce in this film, because then it would've seemed like he was trying to replace Arnold Schwarzenegger and also because we got to see a dark, badass Adrien Brody we've never seen before. The other cast members were pretty good too, I especially liked Nikolai, the Spetsnaz soldier with the huge minigun, it was a nice homage to Blaine, Jesse Armstrong's character in Predator that also had a huge minigun for a weapon. I also liked Topher Grace as Edwin, the seemingly innocent doctor who is actually more dangerous than you expect, and even Stans, the wierd convict. To me, he was sort of like the comic relief of the team. Derek Mears was also great as the main Predator, and although he didn't talk, he was pretty cool. Now Mears has played two of my favourite villains of all time, the Predator and Jason Voorhees. 
When I heard that this film was going to be a direct sequel to Predator and Predator 2, I was a little confused because there was gonna be no Arnold and even no Danny Glover. How could it relate to the last films? Well my answer was found at about half an hour into the film. Isabelle, the only female member of the group, actually knows about the Predators because of news reports she heard that apparantly took place during the first film. She even says that "the one survivor covered himself in mud to defeat the monster"...gee, I wonder who that mud covered person could be? 
Anyway, although the movie isn't as good as the first Predator, it's definately, as my title says, a worthy successor. 
If you haven't seen it, go check it out and tell me what you thoughht of the movie and what you think to my review in the comment box below.
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Posted by batmanbeyond234

Good review. You bring up everything a good reviewer should.
Posted by NightFang
@batmanbeyond234 said:
" Good review. You bring up everything a good reviewer should. "
Yes but he didn't talk about the sword fight with Hanzo or the Predator fight near the end. Other then that, this was a good review to a cool movie.

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