Why is the Predator Underrated

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The Predator is a really good character, im tried of evreyone saying that he got beat by Danny Glover. That was just a movie. If it was the Predator from the games and comic books, the movie would have ended in minute with the Predator collecting Danny skull. I think the Predator has great potential of being a great character, he has skill and the weaponry to win lots of fights. Plus the Predator has superhuman attributes. 
I think they should reboot the Predator series.
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predators are great but they have been beaten by humans before and no matter how often the predators would often win. People will always refer to the worst lvl they have seen of a charecter in an a debate, since thats obviously the easiest to beat.  i dont think a reboot is needed the new predators film is coming out soon anyways and in the comics they are very rarely beaten with ease , danny glover is a lucky man to survive agaisnt one

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i just hate it 
are the movies canon anyway
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 movies are cannon i believe  in the case of things that started as a film but not if the started in another meduim and the film was made after. only cannon if source material or offiicaly stated as such.
just play new alien vs predator to take your mind of it there easily the most powerful race although i  like them equally as much as marines.

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i like this game because every race is equal,everyone haves pros and cons
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Predator ....is... awesome . 'Nuff said .

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ive seen them both under and over rated. theyre humanoids, but theyre pretty tough. 
thing is for what people see in the movies (and comics actually) is theyre facing humans
and losing.  better to explain it to people logically first when presenting your case. 
the Predator Hunter clan members believe live by the code of honor of facing their opponents
in a worthy match on equal footing. they could just snipe a person and be done with it, but that
isnt the way they role. they nerf themselves so not only do they have to work for the hunt, but so its
an equal competition to make things fair as well, one in which if they have the opportunity to kill
their prey, their prey has an equal opportunity to hunt and kill them. notice how they dont just
drop in and take everyone down? they pick one off and leave clues, or tracks, with the hopes
a worthy and savvy enough person will hunt them as well, and then the real competition begins.
this is a matter of Predators keeping whats left of their race strong and fit for survival, especially
when it comes to being surprised. this is why Danny beat one. because the Predator gave him,
who's skull it eyed up first, a chance to meet him in equal combat, and it even set everything up
carefully so it would come down to those two. Predators essentially work on purpose with an
intentional handicap.
 thus is not the case with the Predators Killers clan. 

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Very nice.  It should also be pointed out that even the hunters showcased in the movies and novels are usually novices.  A predator hunting elite human soldiers is like a human 12 year old hunting a deer.  A deer can kill you, but it isn't very likely. You wait until you have more experience before hunting a grizzly bear.  Though the exceptions to this rule (in AvP2  and in the novel Midnight ) were very disappointing.  They were described as mafia fixers and elite soldiers themselves so I was all excited and yet again they were killed by ordinary humans.  Actually even worse than the others since at least in the other movies and novels it took highly trained soldiers and police plus a lot of luck to kill even a juvenile, while in AvP2 it was a couple of redneck teenagers taking out a predator fixer, and in Midnight it was a nearly retired space marine killing supposedly one of the elite.
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Predator is pretty cool... but being it is he got beat down by Danny Glover... that kind of hurts his Swagger


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You people make it as if it matters... Predator (like Aliens) it don't matter how many they kill they are still out there and they can kick ass! They are not 1 character like Batman, Sups, etc, they are a race and the fact that they are awesome yet not Invinsible makes the story that much interesting! :D
I remember watching the first movie like the predators were dying and only one stood behind I was like "WTF! The aliens are too many!" and yet my alien with a little black girl help he manage to even beat the alien queen :D
Only movie that has disappoint me was AVP-R too much Predalien hype to end up with the gayest character they have ever made... AVP 1 was awesome I loved the whole thing :D

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Predators are bad @ss and underrated. Realistically, Predators wipe the floor over humans any day. Would the movies be good if the Pred just killed the main character right off the bat with their wide variety of Yautja weaponry? No, huh? The bad guy never wins. Even when the Pred loses at the end, how many people have they killed prior to that?

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Danny Glover kills Predators for sport and collects their skulls

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i enjoy predator the best of coarse is the one with arnie some big ass guys some one liners

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"You are one ugly, mother f#cker."

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it ain't a line but
big indian guy takes out his knife and cuts his own chest

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Knock. Knock.
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turn around

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b/c there are too many ignorant ppl here. they only know about a character from a few instances and low ball scans and make an assumption based on that. also many ppl would rather win a debate whether they are in the right or wrong then to admit that they lost or have chosen a losing side.
doesnt help that  everyones  knowledge of predators are based on the young ones from the movies.
the alien and predator stories from dark horse are just off the chain.
my favorite one was in an alien novel a space marine had a juggernaut suit bonded to him. if ppl here read more things without pictures on every page they would seriously stop underestimating these guys
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 "If it bleeds, we can kill it. "
lol. how prescient.
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@Matezoide:  i disagree i think the aliens have been weakened dramaticly form last game. They can no longer pounce attack or attack while sprinting , the pedators are pretty much the same and the marines are all equipt with motion trackers. So the other 2 classes have been improved aliens have not in my view and i have played the demo alot of late
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just focus on the stealth,use heavy attacks from walls and get used to it,when you learn how to use then,you will have good chances of winning
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all they cna do is ambush people who are already figting pretty much i played the pc version alot and i can tell you for a fact aliens are much weaker now , i know how to use them they have been dramaticly decreased in threat with removal of s pounch and adaption of skills. they are now way weaker than a predator  unit to unit they work well as a squad thats about it

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I remember in the old AVP and AVP2 you could never go toe to toe with an Alien. I normally focused on ranged weapons.

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Predator is awesome and they should totally reboot the series (Which they are actually doing) Everything about him is awesome. Actually a predator hunting a elite marine is like a Crocodile hunting a mousPr

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What's so bad about getting beat by Danny Glover? The guy's a BAMF. And to answer your question, yes he is underrated.

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