The Predators might be coming back! REBOOT

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The upswing to this bit of news is that Robert Rodriguez and his Trouble Maker Studios are reported to be producing this reboot for Fox.
In recent news Bloody is reporting that Fox will indeed reboot the once successful Predator franchise. The first movie in the series (1987) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was pretty damn good. In an all out battle between mortal human's against the best of a superior race of Predators, the movie showcased one Predator taking out a elite military team. Building up the suspenseful end to the movie with Arnold defeating the Predator.

This from the studio "In the reboot a team of commandos face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters." Hmm, sounds oddly familiar. But the twist is instead of one Predator our fearless team of commandos is facing a race of vicious monsters. The whole race? Seems like the odds are defiantly in the Predators favor. Remember it only took one to take out an elite military team originally on a rescue mission. Now it would be fun to see what damage the whole race of Predators could do, but at what expense to the movie. Making the Predator movie franchise into a race war seems unbelievably predictable. Simply put, the human race would have no chance in winning, making the end of the movie dull and easy to figure out.

The upswing to this bit of news is that Robert Rodriguez and his Trouble Maker Studios are reported to be producing this reboot for Fox. That gives the project certain hope, as Rodriguez has been fairly successful in the past. No writer and no script has been attached yet.

Fox hasn't totally crucified this franchise,,,,yet. Let's hope they don't and hire a good script writer and maybe change a few things about the direction of this film

MEH...... I hope they don't mess it up..


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Yeah, I just read this on rottentomatoes, like, yesterday.

I suppose I'm "ok" with a reboot, but why does it need to be? Can't it just be a new story? They don't need to name it Predator 3, but they could give it a subtitle to differentiate from the first. Also, the whole race of Predators would be dumb as hell. Logically, there's no way the humans could possibly win, so the movie would be stupid or have a illogical plot. The Preds would never go to war with humans'd be like us going to war with the bears.

They'll probably focus too much on the special effects and make it suck. Oh well. I'll remain hopefully optismistic. The first movie was pretty kickass, but they might be able to top it. Who knows......maybe it'll be like Batman Begins or something.

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Hmmm... a new Predator film huh ? Cool
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i would watch it, even though i like aliens a whoooole lot better

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They should get Larry Fitzgerald to play The Predator... he deserves it the way he played during the Playoffs this year

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Like, Sparda....being Optimistic.

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