Predator Fights

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the predator has had an incredible run in crossovers and fights. you can say which one is your favorite (you can say an alien vs predator story if you wish even though I no longer count it as a crosover) and I would hope to see some scans from the fights if possible . I'll put the covers of as many predator crossovers and fights as I can. 























you can also put predator fighting animals from it's own comics 
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Overkill was one the best crossovers

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There was a story vs. a young Masai from Dark Horse Comics it's my favorite. Crocs eat the Predator out of nowhere.

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HUh Predator has faces both Bats and Supes.
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Has Predator ever fought the Punisher?

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Judge Dredd was the best crossover.

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Oh god. Predator Primal was so bad! Why is it on the list lmao

But the best cross over with predator would have to be Predator vs Tarzan.

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