Predator 3

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now that a third predator movie has been confirmed so far only titled Predators for 2011. a recent report from Antal Nimrod (the director) has stated that the movie will take place on the predator homeworld where a group of soldiers fight for their lives against the fierce alien race. personally that sounds like a horrible plot line to me, what do you people think good idea or bad.

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doesn't sound amazing, but I would expect it to have good special effects

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@SUNMAN said:
"doesn't sound amazing, but I would expect it to have good special effects "

true but the thing ive always loved about the predator movies in general is them hunting in their preys natural habitat, whats the point if its on their home turf other than the humans are hopelessly screwed
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the humans are always screwed but the main character always survived and the predators always end up dead. At least in the alien movies one always survives

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this is going to be worse then avp, one pred should kill all of them unless its like a whole platoon

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I dont know about this at all
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Id still go see it since its the Predator Franchise

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right on!
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I saw the trailer, and I'm looking forward to the film.

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Yeah I saw the trailer during the new Freddy Krueger movie and I liked what I saw.  Adrien Brody, Topher Grace (???), and Laurence Fishburne, should be good. 

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Could someone post the Predator 3 trailer? What will this movie be about?

#12 Posted by k4tzm4n (39712 posts) - - Show Bio
I can't right now...But just google "predators movie".  It looks well made, IMHO.
#13 Posted by Edamame (29847 posts) - - Show Bio
@k4tzm4n: Okay. 
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lol this thing is still here?

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I hope Topher Grace's character dies first, and in the most brutal way.

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Saw the trailer too. 
I think the franchise should evolve in the concept. 
T2 was good because Arnie moved from the bad to the good guys, it could be a good Idea for this franchise. Sorrowfully, they'd miss the call on AVP.

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