Just exactly how strong are predators(Yautja)?

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Hand to hand?
About 4 muscular men combined.

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I'll go out here and double what spawndon said because of how powerful the one from the first alien vs predator movie even though it might of been an elite. also from predator vs magnus robot fighter. magnus is strong enough to overpower super robots and tear them to shreds and the predator was ALMOST more powerful then magnus. but again it might have been an elite
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They;re strong enough to smash through rock walls, which is pretty damn strong if you ask me.

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Able to rip through a steel door.

@spawndon said:

About 4 muscular men combined.

Knocking off 6 men
Knocking down a stone wall and ripping a WW1 tank

@ 1:50&4:25 Scarface lifts a security gate, overcoming the locking mechanism.

They had careened through yet another curve in the road when Nikolai saw Marikova's eyes widen and she shouted at him, at them "There's something out there! Stop now!" Rath glanced back at her with an expression that Nikolai interpreted as pity or disgust--and gunned the engine. Something shimmering and heavy hit Nikolai's side of the truck with a force that cracked metal, and in that split second before the truck overturned and they all went spilling out onto the ground, onto the road, Nikolai felt something right beside his head, something that made a growling-clicking sound that made him scream, and behind it the sensation of great weight and the smell like rotting meat so that he steeled himself for a blow, but no blow came, just the delicate scrape of a clawed hand across his face, receding as the changed momentum of the truck and his own inertia carried him away from the creature."

Predator: Cold War

Kicks over a military truck full of soldiers.

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Your standard Predator is around a 5 tonner at max

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What we've seen are feats from elite Yautja. That means that the feats can't be applied to the species as a whole to determine an average. Their strength levels are left ambiguous for story purposes, but a more recent feat is of a space jockey trouncing a Yautja as if it were a child. From what I've seen, I'd gauge an elite (blooded warrior) Pred's strength to be at around 1-2 tons, max. Same strength level as Wolverine or Ultimate Cap.

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