How many Predators could take down Wolverine

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It's dense, hot jungle like in Predator 1
Predators have:
Thermal Vision
Shoulder Cannon

Wolverine Has:
Healing Factor
Adamantium Claws
Heightened Senses
Superhuman Strenght & Stamina


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they couldnt his skelington is made of adamantium indestructable plus the healing factor which means they couldnt hurnt him for long and he would be able to see them through his heightend senses

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It really depends on the writer. Wolverine has been hurt really bad with lasers before. A good shot in the chest could take out his heart, as the ribcage doesn't protect it completely. Of course, the Predators wouldn't know his bones were indestructible, so they wouldn't be aiming specifically to miss his bones, but they tend to aim for the chest by default.

Of course, Logan should be able to smell them, even while they're invisible. And it's not like he'd be sitting still. He could slash their nets, and the spears and discs are not worse than anything he's faced before. I think it all comes down to the shoulder cannon killing him quicker than he can regenerate, which is never a sure thing. And of course, a writer who writes him back from a drop of blood qill always have him win, while a realistic writer would give the Predators a chance.

As for the skull trophy? Couldn't be done. His spinal column is laced with Adamantium as well, and can't be cut by anything the Predators have. They'd pretty much have to take his whole skeleton. Or his skelington, as slyther said, which made me think of the Predators killing Jack from the Nightmare Before Xmas.

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The Predator has a extremely potent long range weapon available to him - the shoulder cannon.
This thing would destroy most of Wolverine's chest cavity in one shot (excluding the bones of course).
That is emough to drop Wolverine in one hit. He would have no lungs, no heart and not circulatory system in place. Even for Wolverine that would take some time to regenerate from.
He would recover but it that enough time for the Predator to reach the body, recognise Wolverine regenerating and then to move from the area to again begin attacking from range ?
I don't know. I tend to think that the Predator would come in close to get his prize and Wolverine would have recovered enough to gut the intergalactic punk.

If the Predator stays at range he can keep blasting Wolverine for many hours until he begins to lose concentration. If he goes in close, he's toast.

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Yeah, in my head, I always picture the classic version of Wolverine -- if he dies, he doesn't regenerate. Although with current continuity, he's supposed to be back to that, after I think it was Guggenheim had him have one final battle with the Angel of Death, apparently, the next time Wolvie takes massive damage, he dies for good.

Until the next writer screws with that.

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not really wolverine's total skeleton isnt covered by adamantioum cause if it was he wouldnt be able to move... there are only some parts that are whit adamantium they explain it... that's why WWH could brake him in half... WWH didnt brake adamantium he just broke he's spine.. that's what i read...

also wolverine doesnt have super human strength... that i know off, he is just some fast and has altered senses but he is a common human he has normal strength.. like maybe a body builder's strength..

here the only danger that the predator faces is wolverine's healing factor that is really altered but the adAmantium is nothing if your a great warrior...

to beat wolverine all you need is to be faster and have high experience and good counter weapons.. many have beaten wolvy so i think
a veteran like scar can beat wolverine.. but not whit those gadgets you gave the predator... to finish off wolverine (if is to the death) he will need that blue liquid from the movie.. one drop and wolverine is dead forever.. B)


so if you put SCAR in this as the predator ill go whit scar he rules.. xD

but if is by the rules you place here then i have to go whit wolvie... just cause the gadget you place arent that good... :)

it depends.. later dude :)

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Actually, it's been argued that Wolverine would have to have enhanced strength just to be able to move with that much metal in his body, not to mention at the speeds he's shown and the agility he's demonstrated.

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In a couple of handbooks he has been described as having from peak human to enhanced human levels of strength.


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Three Predators.

Two stay back, hiding in the trees with Cloaking on. They blast Wolverine, alternating, so that he stays down and they conserve power. When he finally is knocked out, the third Predator comes in with his disc and saws through Wolverine's neck until he gets to the joint, and cuts through it. Then he takes Wolverine's head back as a trophy.

Cause, if I remember correctly, Wolverine's joints are not covered in adamantium, as that would not allow him to move.

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It may take 3-4 but the 5th Predator will realise what Wolvie is capable of. It'd rip Wolvie's whole skeleton out, and I'm not sure even he can heal from that.
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One Elite Predator like Wolf or Broken Tusk would easily defeat Wolverine.

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1 Predator. Easy as pie.

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