ok, cut the crap preacher movie or no?

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So since about 1998 there have been talks of preacher being adapted as a film. Ive been excited for the newest info about writers comming and going, directors, etc.

now I hear the star list is this in mind

arseface--shia lebouf, this one I actually agree, the kids better than just running and screaming comedically. He played the hell out of a role as a mentally handicapped teenager back in 02' I think and believe he could kill it, in a good way

Jesse custer--chris pine- this is the douche from the star trek movie. kirk was his character. need I say why he shouldnt be custer? Ithink it obvious. a baby blue eyed pretty boy with blonde hair doesnt fit the bill by far, guy probably never had one tough situation in his life, I refuse to believe he could play a guy who was locked in a trunk and thrown in a lake by the people who killed his dad

saint of killers--alex pettyfer- this guy, was the lead in I am number four and that ridiculous beastly flick(pretty guy gets scars? show me him with a potbelly and cokebottle lenses getting laid, then Ill be impressed) Now the guy can act, but you cant change your core self. the killer of saints in my mind and Im sure not just mine, looks around 45 going on 60 if you know what I mean, stressed. he turned hell cold and killed the devil and god himself. If pettyfer lands the role, I can only assume the entire idea of the preacher saga, willbe told lightheartedly and without any real feel of the story itself, and will probably be ghost rider if he were kirk from starfleet.

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I think Preacher would be better off as a television series rather than a movie like The Walking Dead. I think the people who made The Walking Dead tv series should have a look at Preacher that adapet it into a televison series like The Walking Dead and if they do that it would probably be considered one of the greatest shows ever made much like the comic is considered one of the greatest comic ever made :) I've read the first volume and the first half of the second volume and they were brilliant! so I would love Preacher to be adapeted into a television show I would watch ever single episode :)

As for the Cast Yea Shia LaBeouf as Arseface would be pretty good.

Chris Pine as Jesse Custer could be pretty good but thats just my opinion.

And Alex Pettyfer as Saint of Killers? not a god damn chance! >:( Saint of Killers is a big, old and tongue badass that you don't want to mess with because he has guns that can kill you once fired and he survived a nuke. Alex Pettyfer is a 22 year old man that every girl wants and he doesn't look like someone you don't want to mess with. I think someone like Sam J. Jones or Clint Eastwood would be a better chose for a actor to play the Saint of Killers.

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