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In Part 1 of a 2-part story, Jesse and Tulip are reunited in New York City, but nothing can prepare Jesse for what Tulip's about to do to him. And, many miles away, Starr finds the consequences of his recent actions very difficult to live with.

Starr heads to San Fransisco and is picked up by an annoying cab driver who blasts painfully irritating music. Starr shoots out the radio and tells him to just drive. Jesse (Preacher), Cassidy, and Tulip all meet up. Tulip takes Jesse to somewhere a little more private. She handcuffs him to a bed and leaves. Starr and Featherstone meet up and discuss where Hoover went and how Starr got the scar on his head. (From Jesse) Meanwhile, Tulip catches up with old friend Amy, where they discuss how Tulip found Jesse. Tulip later catches up with Cassidy where Cassidy drunkenly confesses his love for Tulip. She goes back, uncuffs Jesse, and the two of them go to sleep together.

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