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The Praetorian used to be a superhero and one of the best, but something happened and he started making back alley deals with known super villains. He would often exchange sexual favors for him to let super villains go free. This lead him to be put on trial for abuse of power. Even with the testimony of his team mates, against him, Praetorian got off.


The Praetorian was created by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu for their series Supercrooks.

Major Story Arcs


After getting off of the 57 counts of abusing power the Praetorian goes to work as The Bastard's personal body guard. There, while in Spain he helps the Bastard catch Kasey before she can board a plane back to the States. He then stands there while the Bastard tries to interrogate Kasey. Then when it is revealed the Supercrooks are robbing him, the Bastard sends Praetorian to deal with them. Praetorian teleports over to them and proceeds to beat them all senseless, that is until The Gladiator reveals to be among them. With one punch the Gladiator makes Praetorian brain dead.

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