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Pastor Mike was the head of a small Christian congregation in Broxton, Oklahoma. When the Norse city of Asgard appeared over Oklahoma, this conflicted with their Christian belief system. It also greatly endangered all the townsfolk. Mike would lead the people toward Asgard to tell the Asgardian Gods that they were no longer welcome in Oklahoma and they needed to leave. This would lead to multiple run-ins with Volstagg, who believed this to be an act of war.

This was all a small side show to the true battle at hand - Galactus had come to Asgard seeking the Worldheart. In order to watch the Worldheart, the Silver Surfer decided to remain on Earth and proposed that Pastor Mike become the new Herald to Galactus - one that could possibly become the conscience Galactus needed and spare any life in his wake and seems to have brought back Galactus's own conscience when he decided to return to Earth to project the seed from being awoken by the Celestials.

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