Could a "serious" Power Ranger movie work?

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So Netflix is currently carrying the first,like, 1000 episodes of the Power Rangers. So I felt Nostalgic and watched it, and it was more cheesy now than it was then when I was 8,  
I was aware that it was taken from the Japanese endless series of "Super Sentai" shows, but I read the plot of the original series only to find out...the story was 50 times better and didn't sound corny at all.
In the US version, 5 stereotypical american teenagers were recruited by Professor X stuck in blacklight to (for no reason) take on spandex forms based on Dinosaurs. The black Ranger was black, the asian ranger was yellow, and the girly girl ranger was pink (sigh). A bunch of Saved by the Bell like antics ensue.
The japanese version was way more "high fantasy" (I'm sure a lot of people know all about this) They were humans evolved from Dinosaurs (remembers the Super Mario movie) who were warriors from respective tribes, that banded together to fight the Badora gang, the Green Ranger apparently came into conflict with them and eventually joined them. Sounded much better
I guess the US version was trying to counteract the amount of violence (their were protests about it) with positive kid-friendly messages like "if you fall down, get up and try again"
and I guess they might have to pay the creators more in royalties if they took the plot wholesale.
So onto the point: If they made a "reboot" film, would you rather see the American version taken more seriously?? Or something similar to the Original??

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I think one of the first things they need to do in order to make it serious is to get rid of Alpha.  I've actually thought about what a serious Power Rangers would look like...

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Oh. Another ranger here, eh? Good to know, many in the forums are PR an SS fans.

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I've thought about this before.  If you make realistic deep characters and a plot that's interesting, then it really doesn't matter what logo you slap on it, it will be good.  The question is, how divergent from the Power Rangers could it be and still be Power Rangers?  Five teenagers with superpowers and giant robots could be a really cool show if it's funny (I'm imagining something in the vein of Megas XLR) or it was grim and dark (no obvious analogues come to mind, but the book series Animorphs dealt with teenagers fighting an alien invasion, and it was dark and serious and pretty good).  But if you change it too much, then it may be Power Rangers in name only. 
As long as they are using footage from Super Sentai, I can't imagine it being a serious show.  The flailing kung faux and giant rubber monsters sap all gravity from the screen to western audiences.

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I've been working on an idea for a more serious comic series.  It starts with a computer genius who ends up joining the army because he has lost his job and feels he has no where to turn.  While fighting over seas, he is injured can no longer fight.  While in the hospital, he is visited by a government agents who have information of an alien crash landing on planet earth (Zordon), and they need his help to build some sort of machine that can keep in alive.  (If you haven't noticed, this character is Alpha.  I thought by making him an actual person would give it a more serious feel). 
Once Zordon is healthy and able to communicate, he tells of an evil force that has plagued the universe (Rita).  He has traveled to Earth to warn them of what is to come.  He tells them that they must form a group of Rangers to defeat this evil.  The government is reluctant to this request because they feel the US Military is sufficient.  However, Zordon goes against the government's orders and finds 5 teenagers. 
To give them a little more depth, the rangers do not know each other and come from very different walks of life.  Therefor the are hesitant to work together. 
This is what I have for a basic premise.  It is just a work in progress and by no means a finished idea....suggestions?

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I wrote a re imagining of power ranger a few years ago. I made them a intergalactic task force much like the lantern corps. or nova corps. Alpha was a computer system and Zordon was the commander of the "power Rangers" (a term loosely translated from zordons alien language) and he only appeared in a message he left eons ago. The command center was created as a means of security against rita if she ever escaped. It was fun to write but I stopped and lost what I wrote. long post short, yes it would work.

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Honestly? I doubt it. The reason I love Power Rangers is because of the nonsensical plots and the boy-scout personalities. It would take a great plot to make a good PR movie.

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It would just be Buffy with a hint of the "Avengers" movie. That said, I totally believe that it is doable

That said, the Japanese version sounds a lot better for a "serious" approach.

Hell, in the American version, they were summoned because a particular floaty-head decided he randomly needed "teenagers with attitude"....WHAT??

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I think a mature Power Rangers would be awesome.

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Lol no.

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Maybe,but I see as more as a stand alone one-time only thing.(Maybe thrown in a mysterious Sparkling Orange Ranger with a cool short cape. ) lol

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I was talking to my dad about this, and if they can make a great Avengers movie, then they can at least make a decent Power Rangers film.

Heck, maybe a Voltron film could work as well.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

Lol no.

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@cattlebattle: To be honest, the original rangers looked way better. Remember that silver guy from the one with the firetruck. He looked badass.

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Man, if it had a good script, and a good director, it'd work. Maybe their suits could be armor plated.

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Really when you think about, boiling the series (well at least the Mighty Morph era) down to its core, a group of young adults chosen by a galactic entity to protect the universe from other alien threats, it wouldn't be that hard to tweak it for a more mature audience. Modernizing the suits wouldn't be that difficult, using CGI to make the monsters look epic, and after seeing Pacific Rim I could totally see Mega Zord's working as well.

Just an example of what a mature Power Rangers movie could look like:

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Part of the charm of Power Rangers for me is the sillyness that it openly revels in while telling a fun story and not taking itself too seriously. A gritty Power Rangers movie is really against the point of the series.

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I think that the whole concept works better in an animated form...think Gundam but with super powers and monsters

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Get Michael Bay to do it.

I'd actually pay to see the awesomeness.

Just do the whole long history of "chosen ones" thing like Iron Fist + the Avengers tone

And bring back the badass theme song

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I don't think there's any demand for a serious take on the Power Rangers series - so I don't think it would necessarily work well in real-life. That being said, it would certainly be an interesting idea to explore in fanfiction or something. It's just the kick out of reinventing one of your childhood franchises I guess.

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Mock Up Trailer

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I liked the Power Rangers movie with the Ooze guy.

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@outlawrenegade: Explosions and slow motion shots of the boobs and butts of the yellow and pink rangers? Sign me up!

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Just watch Jetman and Dairanger, those where cut from being Power Rangers (With the exception of Dairanger's Kibaranger who became White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger) on account of being the exact opposite of Power Rangers, actual character development and action.

Power Rangers SPD was kinda more serious than others though.

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No, I don't think so.

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I don't think so. But I always thought that the Japanese version would've been serious than the American one.

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Cashing in on a 20 year old children's show that was adapted from Japanese material by making it darker to get the nostalgic fans to go see an over-produced action sploog fest. Na, no one has ever made money on such a movie. * OH HI, MICHAEL BAY.

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@war_killer: is there one of the white ranger, gold ranger and/or silver ranger?

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Just... can we make it so that the yellow ranger isn't asian, the pink ranger isn't the woman and the black ranger isn't... the black guy?

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I'm going to say... yes. It most certainly could. If Pacific Rim could get off the ground, Power Rangers like THIS could certainly be made.

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@war_killer: is there one of the white ranger, gold ranger and/or silver ranger?

Here's the guy's deviantART profile, he's got a White and Green Ranger as well as his version of the Zeo Power Rangers.

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@war_killer: thanks. Out of curiosity who's your favourite extra power ranger?

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Yeah, why not?

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i have actually spent a lot of thought on this matter, so i've come up with the following, but I must warn you it gets really complicated, and one may say, even to darker.

it starts with men in suit knocking over a house, a young hero looking boy opens the door

jon blake: who are you, guys

man in suit number one: are you jon blake?

jon blaker: yes, what do you want

man in suit number one: was yesterday your eighteenth birth?

jon blake: yes sure, what the hell do you want?

man in suit number two: you were accepted in a special force where you wil be able to serve and protect your country

jon blake: what do you mean? I didn't assign for anything

the men interrupts him, gets a tranq gun, and starts shooting everybody (his father and mother) on the house, shooting him at last

he wakes up in a bright stylish room, the camera shows things from his point o f view, he sees many employees, all of them appearing to be women, he is dizzy, as he regain focus he notices his hands are locked to a chair. the camera focus on the big executive table in front of him, where he sees a typical businessman sitting, his voice is sweet as honey, but it carries a political touch showing his experience

businessman: finally awake Sleeping Beauty

jon blake: where am I ?!

businessman: Oh, right to the point hu hu, I certainly can respect that

jon blake: where are my parents and what is going on?

businessman: relax, your parents are just fine, about you, you will be joining in a big adventure

jon blake: what the hell are you talking about

businessman: you see, you have a really athletic body, you know karate, kung fu, boxing, and many others, you are a straight A student, your I.Q. is higher than 153, you are a true genius, one may say you are one in a million

jon blake: so what is your point

businessman: oh, come on, you are smarter than that, we want to recruit you

jon blake: I've signed no paper

businessman: of course you didn't, this is a top secret thing, there are no papers

jon blake: but why me? why don't you call one of your best soldiers

you see, the army is full of old people like me, people without vision or creativity, you seen to have both

jon blake: but I don't want this

businessman: oh come on, it will be fun, don't you want to become a Power Ranger?

jon blake: you said what? power ranger? come on, is this some kind of practical joke?

businessman: no joke, but I understand your skepticism, the power rangers thing is real, and ultra secret, all the persons which ever told other people about it were considered crazy and interned, shot dead, or sent to a star ship base, and the few who weren't transformed it all in a children's show, but they are real, believe me

jon blake: I don't know what the heel is wrong with you, but I am not becoming a soldier

businessman: hahaha, but you are, because if you don't

jon blake: let me guess, you are going to torture me

businessman: no, that proved to be inefective. so we started to torture the prodigies's parents

jon: people will notice I have disapeered, I have a family and friends

businessman: but you will be forgotten, we are going to say that your father's got a good working opportunity on alaska, we may fake some telephone calls, and in some years nobody will remember you.

jon: fine, what if I kill myself?

businessman, oh I wouldn't, they would kill your parents also, however, if you are killed on training, or battle they would be released, some choose to fake their deaths

jon blake: you bastards, which fight am I fighting? who are the enemys?

businessman: for now, that is not of your concern, but let's discuss salary. I mean, if you survive to five years of duty they will release you, by then you will have your money, and may live a good lie as long as you keep your mouth shut. (silence, no response) hey, don't blame me, I am just the messenger

next scene we hear helicopter noise with the camera zoomed Jon's face. another man sitted next to him says

Jason: so you are the rookie? (Jason is kind of old)

jon blake: not for my own choice

Jason: Oh, it never is

jon blake: those fuckers will torturer my parents if I don't coope

Jason: it sucks, right

as Jason speaks he grabs a cigarette, and offers Jon

Jon: no thank you, I don't smoke

Jason: (chuckles) they never do in the beginning, but save it for later, you"ll be damn sure to want a cigarette when those aliens start trying to kill you, by that I mean, if you ever live to see one

jon blake: so how does it work? they just give us spandex clothes and send us into battle?

Jason: you've been watching to much tv, they will give you training first, and I assure you, they won't make you use spandex

jon blake: what did you say your name was?

Jason: Jason Scott, but you may call me Major J

Jon freezes for a second, after realizing with who he's just been talking to

the helicopter lands

general: move cadets, move, you are not here to relax, you are here to train

Jason: you better hurry up

he goes, looking behind to see that Jason was still on the plane

something like thirty cadets, and the general up in a platform, making him look big and important

general: my name is general Thomas Oliver, and for now on your asses are mine, you are now always going to answer me 'yes sir', if I tell you to run you will ask how fast, if i tell you jump you will ask how high, and you better lick my balls until they start bleeding if I don't go with your face, are we clear?

everybody: yes sir

general: good, now I know you don't want to be here, I know that you probably hate all of this institution, but you will soon discover that I don't give it a fuck, here you are going to learn how to run, you are going to learn how to shoot, unless you want to learn how to die, and believe me when I say it, is that clear?

everybody: yes sir

general: one more thing, I don't want any liars around here, I never lie, and you better never lie to me if you ever want to see your parents again. I will be your worst nightmare, but I am as honest as it gets. now go change your clothes, MOVE FASTER YOU FUCKING COWARDS!

everybody starts running, then, are showed training moments together with an epic tune, with people dying in accidents, and jon blake being somekind of a perfect student, throwing people on the floor when it is time to battle, and rapidly learning how to use guns

it is show then, some kind of intelligence base speaking with a robot like thing, with all the cadets around him the (tune is still playing)

Alpha 5: my name is Alpha 5, at your services, I am a cyborg programmed to attend to all your reasonably needs, I am here to provide you with information, as well to clean your stuff and make your food

the speech continues as the camera fades, showing moments later when Jason is alone with Alpha (the tune stops)

jon blake: where this Spandex thing came from?

Alpha5: the legend is always bigger than the truth, the secrets where contained as good as they could be, but there are always leaks.

jon blake: just one more quick question, why don't you always use the robots to crush all the aliens?

Alpha 5: because it is not always necessary, and the robots are really expensive, general Oliver would say that they are worth a thousand of you. more the coast to send them, nuclear energy cells, lots of people to command then, it is a nightmare.

the scene changes, we than have general Oliver in some kind of forest with all the remaining cadets in front of him

general: thirty three were recruited, I have only eighteen standing in front of me now. seventeen will probably be sent to their deaths today, the survivor will become a power ranger. we have a hunting exercise, as I begin to count to fifty, you will start running, when I am finished, you will try to kill your partners

a cadet starts crying

crying baby: oh God, I don't want to die

general shoots his head with his handgun

general: do anyone of you have another peculiar point? (silence) good, you will be given the academy's worse assault rifle, together with a razor sharp sword, I will be watching you around, and remember, I am untouchable, so if anyone is the cause of a little "accident" this guy will probably suffer. so good hunting one... two... three...

and the counting goes on, jon goes to a hidden place and starts with a more sneaky approach, he hears gunfireing and screams, he kills some dudes until the shooting ceases, he sees himself facing another man, hereby called guy x, jon blake still has almost all of his ammo, guy x is out of ammo, guy x throws his sword on jon blake gun making jon loose it, guy x starts running towards jon, they start fighting, guy x trying to take jon's sword, jon slices his stomach, making guy x fall, he gets his rifle on the floor and faces guy x for a second. guy x speaks with a hoarse voice

guy x: please don't do it

general appears from the woods

general: do it son, you cannot have pity over the enemy

guy x: no please, not like this

jon blake hesitates

general: oh, come on, you can do it

jon blake: no, I won't

general: goddammit, do it or I am going to kill you two

jon blake point his gun at guy x, than hesitates again

general pulls his hand guns and touches it on jon blake's head

general: do you want to die?!!

jon blake shoots

the general stares him, as if he were disappointed

general: you idiot, you can't work as a team, can you?

he pulls his handgun and shoots him in the face, he wakes up in a sickbay, his waking up is received with punch in the face from the general

general: you couldn't pull it though, could you? you were supposed to join forces against me, no one had to die

jon blake: you, you shot me

general: it was a paintball gun, and your suit has a system which gave you a shocking sleep

Jon: so, are all the people alive?

general: they are on a suicide mission on another planet, I told you they would be sent to their deaths

(a brief pause)

jon: what about my parents?

general: they will be safe and comfortable, while you keep working

jon blake: so, am I a Power Ranger

general: unfortunately yes, our world is at war, and we've put to much resources on you, and you certainly know how to fight. there would be a time when you would be sent with the others to the suicide mission, but we don't have that luxury now. you will find things that make my training look like picnic, I promise you that, and there will be times when you will just which you were dead, I promise that also.

to be continued...

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We all need a gritty reboot every now and then

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tone/"morphing time" yell, cut screen and dance routine make it for children

its horrifying really. Giant monster(alien/mystical/scientific) that look to take over the world.

Just a team of hero's fight ground solider monster then using their mech's when a giant monster arise.

Lord of the Rings meet a final battle of Pacific Rim

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this movie needs no reboot, it was crap 1st time around how could reboot make it better , when most reboots always piece of shit

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