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After their first day of school, the Power siblings once again split up to have "adventures." Julie and Katie retrieve Dragon Man from his hiding place in the basement and fly with him to try to find Professor Gilbert. However, Dragon Man is tortured by a radio signal that forces him to lose his free will. As he struggles, he accidentally hits Julie with his wing, knocking her out. He grabs Julie and flies away with her.

Meanwhile, Katie has been thrown from Dragon Man's back. Alex and Jack, who have followed Dragon Man, save her before she falls to the ground. She tells them the entire story and they track Dragon Man. It turns out that Professor Gilbert, Dragon Man, and other "monsters," are being held captive by the same drug cartel that created Cloak and Dagger through forced human experimentation.

At the cartel's hideout, the three remaining members of Power Pack meet Cloak and Dagger. However, when they are attacked by Dragon Man and the other monsters, everyone except Cloak is defeated and taken hostage. Cloak is told that if he does not help the cartel, Dragon Man will kill Dagger.

Guest stars: Cloak and Dagger; Dragon Man

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