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Power Pack surrenders their powers to Queen Maraud so that she will not destroy the Kymellian homeworld. However, as expected, she does not keep her end of the bargain, and begins rampaging around with her new powers. Force Four, the Kymellian superhero team, arrive to lend backup auppoer, but are quickly overpowered.

In the battle, the kids' powers return to them - but, as before (issue #25) - to new owners. Alex receives the density powers previously held by Julie and Jack, to his great chagrin (he laments as to why he received the "lamest power"). Katie receives the gravity powers previously held by Jack and Alex, and is immediately able to master them. Julie receives her old acceleration/flight power back, and Jack is delighted that he has received the destructive energy powers previously held by Alex and Katie. The sight of Jack with the energy powers terrifies Queen Maraud, because she feels that out of the entire Power Pack, he is the most likely to kill someone.

Maraud manages to pull the lever to destroy the Kymellian moebius strip, but the female member of Force Four becomes the spirit Matriarch and saves the Kymellian people. They are moved to a new homeworld - a real planet, again, instead of a "shopping mall in space."

Lord Yrik apologizes for placing mental blocks on the Power Pack's parents, and tells the kids that unfortunately, he has been unable to reverse them. The kids return to Earth in Friday to continue their vacation in Maine.

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