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Kofi comes to Earth to find Power Pack, who are still on vacation in Maine. Attempts to save Friday the Smartship (who crashed in issue #25 and was salvaged in issue #26) have been unsuccessful, and Kofi wants the kids to go to New Kymellia to attend Friday's funeral. Jim and Maggie Power are surprisingly calm at both Kofi's appearance and the kids' request to take off for outer space.

The Pack is disappointed by New Kymellia, which is an artificial Moebius strip that resembles an intergalactic shopping mall. They meet New Kymellia's team of superheroes, Force Four, and are forced into a mock-battle with them by Kymellians who feel that they need to train Power Pack to use their abilities. Power Pack refuses to participate and leaves the arena in disgust. Force Four seek them out and apologize for their part in the incident.

At Friday's funeral, Katie and Frank refuse to allow the Smartship's "soul" to be jettisoned into space. The other kids join them, and end up healing Friday and bringing her back to life. Frank tells them that Friday was never dead; she was just waiting for them to return to her.

The kids are disillusioned with New Kymellia and the treatment they have received. Their spirits deteriorate further when Yrik reveals that he has altered Jim and Maggie Power's brains to make them suggestible and unlikely to ever discover the kids' powers. In fact, they can never be told about the powers, or they will go insane. The kids realize the reason their parents went mad during Inferno, when they did briefly learn about Power Pack (issues #42 - 44), and are enraged at the situation, Yrik, and Kymellians in general.

Kofi apologizes and reconciles with Power Pack. As they leave New Kymellia, the restored Friday, who is about to be reassigned, breaks away from her hangar to join them. She tells the Kymellians that her mind is her own, she is not property, and she will serve who she chooses: Power Pack.

Meanwhile, the Snarks, led by Queen Mother Maraud in exile, are once again on the trail of Power Pack.

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