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Power Pack return to Earth with their parents. Before their parents wake up on the beach, Julie suggests that they keep their powers a secret. The other kids initially balk, but then agree that perhaps it would be best to resume a "normal life," at least outwardly, for their parents' sake. They change out of their costumes and Julie unwraps her broken arm.

When Jim and Maggie wake up, the kids tell them that they were also attacked by the Snarks, but do not elaborate further. The Powers' home has been completely destroyed by the Snarks, and Jim discovers that when he tries to think about his anti-matter converter, he has blinding headaches.

The family heads into town. Julie is examined by a doctor, who discovers that she does have a hairline fracture in her arm - but one that looks as though it happened a while ago. Neither the parents nor the kids can explain the break and subsequent healing, so the doctor simply places Julie's arm in a cast.

As the Powers eat dinner at a local restaurant, they are accosted by James Power's boss, Carmody. He is convinced that the Power kids are mutants, and has brought Henry Gyrich, a government official, along to prove it. The kids flee the restaurant, pursued by Carmody and the special agent. When Carmody draws a gun, they save the agent from him, and keep him from falling off a cliff into the sea.

The special agent's mutant detector does not pick up any mutant activity in the Power children, and Carmody's claims are dismissed. James Power resigns from Carmody's company.

Back at the beach house, James reveals that he has been offered a job as a professor at Columbia University in New York. All of the kids are eager to move to the city except for Julie. She flees for the beach, where she has a heart-to-heart talk with her mother, and then with Friday.

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