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The Power Pack realize that the emblems on their costumes are actually wrong- they're still wearing the costumes that represent their original powers, not the ones they currently hold. They decide to switch, but the costumes don't fit.

Katie, who has been given Julie's costume, discovers that the "magic pocket" in the costume is filled with books. She falls through the pocket into "Elsewhere," where the workers try to wash her, thinking she is a costume. She is eventually rescued by the head of the cleaning company, Bosco. Bosco apologizes for his workers' behavior, but tells Katie that since she does not have a tag- like her costume - there isn't any way to send her home.

Bosco and Katie head across Elsewhere to ask the Grand Poobah, the head of the land, for help. Along the way they babysit a house full of wild children in a Victorian mansion and are pursued by giant pterodactyls. Katie also discovers that her powers function differently in Elsewhere - her rainbow flight train is solid and "breaks up," limiting her ability to fly.

Katie and Bosco eventually reach the Palace, where the King is extremely dismissive and tells them that he can't be of help. Bosco comforts the distraught Katie as they wander through the Palace's gardens. They come across an Oracle - the Queen - who teleports Katie back to Earth.

Back on Earth - where only a few minutes seem to have passed - Katie reveals that Bosco has told her how to change the team's costumes. They "costume off" in the wrong costumes, and when they "costume on" again, their outfits fit perfectly.

Notes: The parts of the comic set in Elsewhere were laid out horizontally instead of vertically on the page.

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