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Power Pack team up with the New Mutants to rescue Rebecca from the Bogeyman. With Illyana Rasputin's help, they plant photos that seem to show the kidnapping in newsrooms around New York. However, during their planning session, Katie is captured by Carmody. Warlock stays with her and tracks her to Carmody's headquarters. They learn that Carmody wants to sell Rebecca and Katie - as well as other young mutants - to demons, or to the "highest bidder."

Power Pack and the New Mutants burst into the Bogeyman's lair and free Katie and Rebecca. Rebecca uses her powers effectively for the first time, by saving her dog from one of Carmody's robots.

Mirage summons a vision of Carmody's greatest desire: the graves of mutant children, buried under piles of money. The sight enrages Illyana, who banishes him to Limbo. Nas'r the demon observes that Magick continues to populate Limbo, and that it will have ill effects.

The Pack bring Rebecca home, and ask her to please keep them, and their identities, a secret. She agrees. She and her parents are beset by the press again. Rebecca's parents tell the press that they intend to move away and change their names so Rebecca can live in peace. Rebecca agrees, but tells the reporters that when she grows up, she wants to help others as a superhero named Lighttrakker.

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