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In space above the Earth's atmosphere, the Snarks fought amongst themselves at the news that Power Pack had escaped their cell. They weren't aware that the children were hiding in the ceiling pipes in a dark smoky corridor. Although Gee negated his & Energizer's weight, the pipes couldn't continue to hold Lightspeed's full weight. As she fell, she knocked the laser out of a Snark guard's hands. However, he grabbed her around her broken wrist and the pain caused her to faint. Mass Master shrunk down and landed on the Snark's head knocking it out & freeing his sister. So Gee carried Lightspeed as he ran down the corridor. Energizer disintegrated the laser gun which Mass Master complained about as he could've used it offensively, instead of having to defensively hide everyone in his cloudy form.

Power Pack ran into an elevator, but the Snark's laser fire caught Gee on his left shoulder. They pressed to travel up to he op floor, believing their parents were somewhere up there. However, the Snark guards radioed up to the bridge warning the others. Inside the elevator, Lightspeed regained consciousness. Gee didn't seem too bothered by his wound and they were all distracted by Energizer who managed to pluck out her loose front tooth. This nearly caused an argument when Mass Master insisted that only babies still believed in the tooth fairy, but they were interrupted by a Snark attack when the elevator doors opened.

Startled, Energizer dropped her tooth and began firing off explosives in a panic. The largest power ball struck the bridge's control panel causing the whole cruiser to shake. Everyone was knocked off their feet, but Energizer began to melt the elevator floor underneath her. Lightspeed flew down to catch her sister, but Energizer fired off more power balls as she fell. One shoot back up through the hole she'd created and hit the roof of he elevator cabin, severing it from the cable and causing it to plummet downwards. Gee could cancel the weight of the elevator, but couldn't stop the downward momentum. The girls managed to fly into a hole that had been blasted into the side of the elevator shaft, while the boys slowly crashed on the bottom level.

The Snark Queen Mother was severely displeased with the report that Power Pack had escaped and were destroying the cruise. She commanded that they were to be caught within the same tractor beam that previously held the Smartship Friday captive. Therefore the Snarks stepped up their attacks upon Power Pack and aimed the tractor beam down the elevator shaft. Gee & Mass Master were caught & lifted up in the beam, while Energizer & Lightspeed disappeared down the ventilation shafts.

Mass Master managed to escape from the tractor beam by dispersing his molecules. However, this caused him to drop Energizer's lost baby tooth. Gee managed to get a foot hold on the wall, and therefore anchored himself there against the strain of the tractor beam.

Up on the top floor, the girls managed to climb down from the ventilation shaft, but were surprised by a couple of Snark guards on patrol. Instinctively, Lighspeed flew pushing the gun out of one guard's hand. Energizer panicked again, sending a power ball at the other guard's gun. Scared by the surprise attack, the Snark guards ran away calling for reinforcements, which made the girls laugh since they'd only acted on instinct. They then quickly found their parents, but without Gee to make them weightless they couldn't carry the unconscious bodies. Therefore Enegizer began to disintegrate the floor beneath them.

Back down below in the docking bay, the Snarks were having trouble moving Gee with the tractor beam. He'd remained anchored to the wall, fighting the beam with his gravity powers. Mass Master reformed his molcules and he shrunk down landing on the Snark who was controlling the tractor beam. Having saved his brother, Mass Master then turned the tractor beam on the remaining Snarks while Gee struggled to de-activate the machine that held Friday captive. Therefore he grabbed onto a single-piloted snark flier and threw it down onto the machine. With the machine broken, Friday was free.

Just at that moment, a patch of the ceiling began to melt. Energizer & Lighspeed peeked down through the hole. Mass Master povided more cloud cover, while Gee quickly carried his parents & Energizer down to Friday. They were waiting for Mass Master to join them inside Friday, but he reformed on the floor outside to pick up Energizer's tooth before racing back to safety. However, they were still moments away from docking with the Snark mothership. With only minutes to spare, Gee turned to Energizer asking her to create just one power ball with all her focussed energy to create a hole in the hull big enough for Friday to fit though. She gave it her best shot, and Friday managed to fly safely through the explosive decompression. The Snarks managed to put up an emergency shield quick enough to stop themselves from being sucked into space, but not in time to stop Friday from escaping.

As Friday flew away from the Snarks, the Queen Mother gave the command to capture them in another tractor beam. Friday was quickly caught, and the kids began to worry what to do. In an effort to cheer up his little sister, Mass Master presented Energizer with her lost tooth. Just as she smiled, an explosion was heard from the Snark mothership. The Kymellian cavalry had arrived! Smartships darted around the Snark mothership, giving Friday time to escape.

All the kids looked back to see the fight, except for Energizer who was dazzled by sparkling lights in front of Friday. Suddenly an older Kymellian appeared in space. He introduced himself as Byrel, and expressed a wish to talk with Power Pack before they had flown out of reach. The kids quickly explained why Whitey had broken Kymellian law to save them, their parents & the Earth. This pleased Byrel, who was proud of their brave actions. He explained that as the Snarks had attacked first (creating an intergalactic incident), Whitey's unprecedented actions were forgivable.

Byrel then moved through Friday's hull, and spoke to the children directly. He added that Whitey was his only son, and that he considered Power Pack to be the grandchildren he would never have. This made the kids so happy. They gathered around him to hod their new grandfather. He was sad that he wouldn't have any reminder of them, so Energizer gave him her precious baby tooth that she had been saving for the Tooth Fairy. Byrel smiled, calling the tooth a 'treasure beyond price' and disappeared in the same sparkling light that he'd arrived in.

As they flew back to Earth, Mass Master asked Friday why they couldn't unwrap the neuro-fibres off their parents. However, Friday was concerned that two awake adults would require extra resources and room that Friday didn't have. Although he accepted this answer, Mass Master still grumbled about being hungry. Friday offered them the same blue saw-dust looking substance that Whitey used to eat. Energizer jumped at the chance to eat Kymellian food. But she was distracted by a clink underneath her pillow. Upon closer inspection, she'd received a large gold coin with her new grandfather's head stamped on one side. Mass Master was impressed that the Tooth Fairy really had found Energizer & given her something so amazing. But Energizer reminded him that was because he'd never really believed in the the Tooth Fairy.

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