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Rebecca Littlehale, the mutant girl saved by Power Pack in issue #37, is on the news. She tells the press that she was saved by "super-powered kids," but cannot describe them or give their names. Recbecca is wearing dark glasses again, which prevent her from inadvertently using her power to teleport to bright lights. At the same time, the Power kids begin receiving obscene phone calls at home from a caller who alludes to knowing about their super powers.

Rebecca's house has become a hotbed for anti-mutant picketers, pro-mutant supporters and reporters, who surround her and her parents as she tries to return home from school. When she declines to show off her teleportation powers, a reporter slaps her in the face, breaking her dark glasses.

Rebecca's home is firebombed, and she runs into the flames to save her dog. A bright light in the sky attracts her attention, and she finds herself teleporting into a trap set by Power Pack's nemesis, Carmody. He is still working as the Bogeyman (see issues #14 - #15) and he is still selling mutant children to the highest bidder. Rebecca is his newest quarry, and he captures her and flies her back to his headquarters. Power Pack chases him, but cannot catch up and save Rebecca.

Power Pack head home to regroup and develop a game plan to save Rebecca. In the evening, someone slips a pile of photos with a cryptic note under their apartment's front door. The pictures depict the Power children using their powers. Alex manages to disintegrate all of the photos, except for one, before his father comes to the door. The remaining photo, thankfully, only shows Alex and Jack standing on the apartment window ledge in their street clothes. It is, however, enough to get the boys grounded again.

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