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Mass Master complained that he couldn't eat candy bars while using his cloudy powers.  He was providing cover for the rest of Power Pack, who were munching on the stolen candy as they flew back to find the Smartship Friday.  They needed Friday to locate the Snark cruiser, from which they needed to liberate their unconscious parents.  As they flew through the air, Energizer discovered that one of her front baby teeth had become loose. 
Meanwhile, the Snark cruiser had located Friday before Power Pack.  Since Friday was still repairing herself from the damage that Energizer accidentally caused (in the previous issue), the Snarks were able to catch her in a tractor beam.  They were satisfied with their unprecedented success at capturing a Kymellian Smartship for the first time in Snark history.  They already suspected that Power Pack were using the clouds to cover their movements, and decided to lay in wait for the children. 
Power Pack continued to search for Friday, unaware that she had been captured.  They bickered amongst themselves as they suspected they were lost & realised that they'd lost the map that Friday had provided for them.  Hungry and confused, they decided that it would be best to return home.  That way, they could let the Snark cruiser come to them and therefore speed up their plans to rescue their parents. 
However, they weren't expecting to find their home completely destroyed.  Mass Master paused over the sandy beach where the Snarks had tried to kill him, Lightspeed quietly mourned her books with lazer holes blasted through them, while Gee cradled the melted remains of his telescope.  Inside the house was just as bad, and they struggled to find anything to eat.  Energizer burst into tears, demanding to see her mommy until Lightspeed calmed her down with an apple to help loosen her front tooth.  Yet she had only just started to eat it when the whole house began to shake, announcing the arrival of the Snark cruiser.  Believing they had the element of surprise, Power Pack quickly devised a plan to attack the Snarks. 
They were over-confident from their success the previous night.  After all, they had beaten the Snarks when they didn't even know how to use their new-found super-powers.  Power Pack believed that with more knowledge of their own powers that they would be able to defeat the Snarks easily.  However, the Snarks had prepared for their next attack.   They sent out single-manned shuttles armed with large nets.
Gee floated up into the air with the family car.  He managed to drop the vehicle on top of the cruiser's bridge, but the subsequent explosion knocked him unconscious and the Snarks caught him as he fell through the air.  Energizer tried to run away, but was easily scooped up.  She soon discovered that the netting was resistant to her powers.  She couldn't disintegrate the net and it absorbed some of the energy from her powerful explosive attack.  However, the bolts of energy did still manage to slip throuh the air, and she managed to knock another hole into the cruiser, thus providing Lightspeed an entry to try and find her parents.  However, she entered in through the landing bay where Friday was being held.  Distracted by Friday's presence, Lightspeed didn't look where she was flying, and knocked herself unconscious by flying into a closed door.  The three captured siblings were soon bound in the same neuro-fibers that kept their parents unconscious. 
Still in his cloudy form, Mass Master observed what was happening.  He overheard the Snark Queen Mother as she commanded the Snarks to keep the Power family unconscious during their return flight.  Mass Master noticed that he could understand the Snark conversation, and realised that it must be a side effect from wearing the Kymellian costumes.  He began to wonder how he could enter the cruiser unnoticed, when garbage began to fall through him.  Therefore he flew up through the garbage disposal hatch where he reformed and collapsed from exhaustion. 
He woke when more rubbish began to bounce off his head.  He didn't have much time to wonder how he was going to save his family as he dispersed his molecules through the open hatch and flew into the air vents.  Luckily, he quickly found the room where Energizer, Gee & Lightspeed were kept unconscious on shelves.  Mass Master had secretly hated his powers as he was left unable to touch anything, however he was about to discover a new aspect to his power over his molecules.   
As he landed on the top shelf, the bracket creaked & snapped.  The unconscious & wrapped body fell onto the floor, while Mass Master landed on the next shelf.  The noise brought Snark guards rushing into the room.  Without enough time to disperse his molecules back through the air vent, Mass Master managed to tighten his particles making himself shrink.  Although he was small, he still retained his same weight, causing the second shelf to collapse.  Falling through the air, the tiny Mass Master landed on a Snark's nose, knocking it unconscious.  Mass Master grew confident, believing himself to be super strong and therefore taunted the remaining Snark guard.  Seeing the tiny boy, the Snark tried to step on Mass Master.  Although he didn't feel any pain from being stamped on, Mass Master was unable to move the Snark's foot and therefore realised that he wasn't super strong.  Instead, he grew back to his regular size, forcing the Snark to fall backwards and knocked it unconscious against the wall. 
Mass Master began to unravel his brother & sisters.  However, it was a slow process with only one pair of clippers, and it took roughly ten minutes for the effects of the neuro-fibres to wear off.  Lightspeed used a loose strand of neuro-fibre as a make-shift sling to support her arm, which she'd broken during her crash in the docking bay.  Mass Master used the other fibres to tie the Snark guards up.  When asked how he defeated them, he demonstrated his new-found ability to shrink.  This frustrated Energizer who tried to pick him up like a doll, but discovered that she couldn't lift him since he was the same weight as before.  Just as they were about to start arguing, Lightspeed diffused the situation by pulling an apple & a handful of sweets out of her pocket.  Energizer bit into her second apple when mass Master recalled the Queen Mother's instructions to rendezvous with the mothership, and the deadline was rapidly approaching.  If the Snark cruiser docked with the mothership, then Power Pack would never be able to escape.  Unnerved by the news, Energizer disintegrated the apple instead of eating it, and the team fly off to find their parents.   
However, they were soon cornered by Snark guards on patrol.  Therefore they flew up to hide among the pipes above the corridor.  As they hid, Energizer wiggled her loose tooth some more & pondered on whether the tooth fairy could find her in space.

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