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The Power kids return to the sewers to find their missing schoolbooks (issue #11). They have the rescued kitten with them; their mother is allergic and they can't keep it.

When they enter the sewers, they are almost immediately brought down by the Morlocks, who have been waiting for them to return. They explain that they know all about the Powers from their schoolbooks. The Morlocks plan to erase the children's memories and keep them in the sewers forever so AnnaLee, another Morlock who has recently lost her own children, can adopt them. AnnaLee is an empath who projects her feelings to those around her. As a result, she is forced to stay with Leech, a young mutant who disables others' powers, to keep her ability under control. Since Leech is close by at all time, the Power kids cannot use their abilities to escape.

Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler, who are visiting the Morlocks, catch a glimpse of the Powers being transported through the underground. They follow and discover that the children are not Morlocks, and have been kidnapped.

Julie takes the kitten - which has found a home with Leech - and flies off with it into the sewers to draw Leech away from the battle. Leech explains AnnaLee's story, including the loss of her children. Julie returns to the battle and reveals the story to everyone else. She tells AnnaLee that she is sorry for the loss of her kids, but that they really have to return to their parents. With the help of the two X-Men, they extract a promise that the Morlocks will leave them alone. They give the kitten to Leech so he will have a friend, and they return to their own home.

However, the last panel of the issue indicates that AnnaLee will not be keeping her promise to stay away - she is shown standing outside Power Pack's apartment building.

** Storyline concludes in Uncanny X-Men #195**

Guest stars: Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, AnnaLee, Leech, Morlocks

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