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  1. Cover by Graham Nolan and Kez Wilson.
  2. Written by Roger Stern, penciled by Graham Nolan, inked by K. S. Wilson, colored by Nansi Hoolahan and lettered by Bill Oakley.

Note: Invasion crossover.

The Atom defeats and captures a Khund. Chronos is discovered looting weapons by a Thangarian, but succumbs to Chronos' temporal powers.

The Atom later discovers the corpse of the Thangarian nailed to a wall, initially believing it to be Hawkman's. There is a note with it, from Chronos, declaring their temporary truce over.

Atom travels over the phone lines to San Clemente, California. He informs police about where he was held, but they won't act without further evidence. The Atom enters the mansion, with Chronos watching, and discovers the electronics stripped. A view screen activates, and Chronos taunts The Atom from a boat. Atom defeats his seven goons easily. However Chronos has by now raised a force-field around the mansion and starts a countdown to an explosion. He removes his goons from the mansion by remote, all except one whose equipment was damaged in the fight. Chronos watches the explosion from a yacht off the coast. He later returns with Ron to retrieve his goons, but is surprised by Atom. Ron shoots at him, but he shrinks and knocks Ron out. Atom's suit shields him from Chronos' aging effect and he knocks him down.

Chronos disappears, but returns in a weakened, delirious state, babbling about a bomb, just before it explodes in the sky above.

(Continued in Invasion #3)

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