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Luke Cage is returning to his place with Claire, his girl, when he discovers the whole room has been turned to glass. He immediately falls through and realizes that only one man could have the power to do this, Chemistro and his alchemy gun. Cage then goes on a man hunt, getting people to talk the only way he knows how, brute force. He finds out from stopping a moving car with Big Brother Henchmen, that Chemistro is working for Big Brother. He also discovers Curtis Carr's (Chemistro) whereabouts. He goes to see him. and finds Carr still in bed after losing his foot following a head to head match up with Cage a while back. Confused, Cage leaves to visit another friend Noah at the hospital. He barges in without permission, and is quickly asked to leave, not learning much. He runs in to Chemistro who gives him a warning to stay out of Big Brother's way and then leaves. Cage, more confused than ever, returns to see Carr and realizes what he feared most; that there is a new Chemistro, Arch Morton. He beat Carr while he was in prison and made him tell Arch how to build an Alchemy gun. Morton built it, but was careless and all the chemical properties spilled onto him so that he no longer needed the gun. Cage leaves, and follows a trail until he confronts the new Chemistro. Cage gains the upper hand at first, but Chemistro turns the ground Cage is standing on into quicksand and then turns Luke's shirt into pure, not to mention heavy lead. The issue ends with Cage sinking until only his hand is sticking out.

BIg Brother wants YOU!

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