What your favorite Power Girl Backstory & Appearance?

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What your favorite Power Girl backstory, physical appearance, outfit, and general personality?

Feel free to match and mix different comic story periods and timelines.

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Original origin and everything else from the Grey/Palmiotti/Connor series.

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@rdclip: 100 percent agree with you!

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I really enjoyed the DCAU version of the character in the Justice League cartoon. Her origin and personality. I know she's not comic canon but I liked how she was a villain with a unique connection to Supergirl that had the potential to grow into a hero.

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I liked her Krypton-2 origin, complete with all the backstory in the JSA and the JLE/JLI/JLA, and well as the complete stuff with her own series.

As for appearance, the Connor stuff comes to mind, and the rest of her series wasn't bad either. There was a cover for either the last issue or the second to last of her own series that was pretty great. Plus, the look and artist she had in the two issues of Supergirl recently was pretty good.

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