What might happen to Power Girl: a story

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Ok, I admit that this has a certain amount to do with publicity, but it's an interesting idea. It seems that Power Girl is not entirely herself post the DC reboot. I wondered what might happen to a character who essentially had her personality erased, but who still had great power, and possibly had conflicting partial memories of the past. So I came up with a little story in which Kara / Karen / Power Girl starts out in a hospital, unsure of who she is, but learns more as she wanders around the DC Universe, bumping into her cousin, Atlee, Huntress, Oracle, etc, until eventually she discovers her true nature.

Here's a link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7482360/1/Lost_Girl_of_Krypton

Warning: the story is very bleak, and, as I was in a non-canonical universe, I felt free to kill off established characters. Power Girl starts of psychotic and, by the end has passed into something else entirely. And whether any of it is real is an open question.

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i like your story great job.

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Why thank you. That's most kind. As to where the idea of a paychopathic Kara came from, I'd really rather not know.

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it was a little confusseing at first until i got the idea of what your story structure was then i was like i see.

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Well, that's the problem of a first person narrative by someone with multiple personalities. Especially as you can't make her stop to explain. Anyway, glad you liked it.

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