Power Girl "Makes it work"

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Here, we have Tim Gunn (Fashion consultant, "Project Runway" host, Chief Creative Officer of Liz Claiborne Inc.) and  Alan Kistler (Internet personality, author, comic reviewer, "Crazy Sexy Geeks" host) team up, and take a look at some of the finest hero's costumes.   Mr. Miracle, Star Sapphire, Power Girl, Catwoman, Spider-Man and Batwoman, who can "Make it work"? 
(Personally, I agree with most everything he had to say; particularly on the subject of Power Girl. [6:00]  Something I've been claiming for some time now, both girls and guys in comics have ridiculous outfits; but at least hers suits her well.  The bit about Spider-man is also pretty good.[7:10])
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PG is her own woman she rocks. i would like to hear what tim gunn would say about Super Girl or Rogue though.
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very interesting segment. and yes about power girl. as long as she's not written like a dainty little sex object, her costume is fine.

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Yeah, PG's costume works for her, the cleavage window is her thing.  I love how he calls Black Canary a tramp.

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@GundamHeavyarms said:
Yeah, PG's costume works for her, the cleavage window is her thing.  I love how he calls Black Canary a tramp.
Haha, immediately too. "Well she's a tramp!" 
There is a part 2, and a Green Lantern special; but I figured if anyone was interested they would find it on their own..
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excellent find!   I loved the whole series, but somehow I missed Tim Gunn up until now   :(

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Power Girl definitely 'makes it work!'

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To counter Mr. Gunn's observations, here's my take on why the costume is not everything it seems--

Caption box: Ladies and gentlemen, Power Girl explains her costume!

PG: I know what you're all thinking--why do I still have a hole in the chest, and how do I manage? Simple--(pulls down a screen where a projector lights a slide showing PG's empty leotard) the chest hole is, upon closer inspection, covered by a transparent piece of super-thin, but highly durable, and flexible, fiberglass, preventing wind resistance issues yet allowing me to retain my trademark look. But then, someone's bound to ask, 'what if someone decides to grab you there?' Sewn into the hem of that hole is a threadlike ring containing a miniature 'shock guard'. It's almost as if they're stupidly grabbing on to an electric fence. Inside the costume, I'm perfectly insulated.

Anyone here an artist? Cause I know I definitely don't have the dough to commission someone like Amanda Conner to draw up something like this. I also have a small "script" for Wonder Woman explaining her getup.

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