Never seen her like this is the comics. Where is it from?

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Never see her draw like this. Anyone know what issues/series this is from?

It may be from this period. But I can't confirm or deny it at this point.

Late period JSA, just before Infinite Crisis when PG got reconnected back to being from Krypton-2. In other words, while she was still technically on the Atlantean thing. The Hawk man/Black Adam, IIRC, or rather its prelude.

As for the style, that was pre-Connor, amidst an era where Alex Ross's bodybuilder Power Woman from Kingdom Come was still influencing artists. In other words, while that's a bit extreme, it's hardly unique. By the time Connor came around and set the new standard for PG's look, thus saving her for fans, she'd already been brought back around to that end of the spectrum to a large extent, and Connor just formalized the look and tweaked the costume a bit, while toning down the muscles, (though not the bust size as much).

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@gwhh said:

Never see her draw like this. Anyone know what issues/series this is from?

Never seen her drawn like what before?

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I think I remeber this issue. It's not around Infinite Crisis, Hawkgirl was no longer a JSA member then, sometime before. Probably somewhere in the middle of the series. They go to New Orleans for some reason.

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Not from her regular series. And I read Jsa 1-30 and it wasn't in that either. Maybe Jsa Classied.

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Her proportions are just right in this panel.

How did she get all those buttons in?

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found it, it was from a crossover with hawkman

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Put Rags Morales on World's Finest, now!

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This is suppose to be part of a six part crossover:

I have not gotten a chance to look through all these issues yet. But she is draw about the same way in the ones I have been able to look thought. Any other issues where she is draw like this? I what to collect all the issues in this style of drawing.

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Well...the single worst depiction of PG in that style was an issue of BOP, the one wherein the origin of the feud between Babs and Kara is detailed. She was...certainly unusual in that issue....

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.....I think I just barfed......

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Is that Marti-Gras? Way to disrespect a festive tradition, Karen!

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She looks like a female Stretch Armstrong.

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