Isn't this wallpaper offensive to her?

#1 Posted by MarcosVergara14 (516 posts) - - Show Bio

I mean it´s a close-up of her b$#bs shouldn´t that be changed?

#2 Posted by Blade_R (4458 posts) - - Show Bio

Na its fine, its just a pair of breasts, they are voluptuous and awesome but its not a big deal, at first I didn't even notice it was the background that you were talking about like I was looking at the whole picture of her and I couldn't figure out what you meant and I just now figured it out lol

#3 Posted by iaconpoint (1382 posts) - - Show Bio

@marcosvergara14: nope. She isn't simple-minded like most people are these days and thus doesn't get offended because someone else was in the room.

#4 Edited by MrAugen (29 posts) - - Show Bio

Has sort of a "Superman" feeling with pose and cropping to me. I guess since Power Girl lacks a "P" or something gives the impression of just focusing on the chest. Honestly, did not even notice it until it was pointed out.

#5 Posted by Jonez120 (6341 posts) - - Show Bio

It is her emblem. Boobs are to Powergirl as Bat is to Batman.

#6 Posted by JakeN7 (14817 posts) - - Show Bio

Boobs are Powergirl's superpower. It's very appropriate.



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