Huntress, BOP, Mr. Terrific, and JSA! (SPOILERS)

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What connection do they share? Well, your guess is as good as mine, but they, the books that is, do share a connection.

From the DC Source:

"Looking for more reasons to pick up the book? HUNTRESS has story connections to the following three series:




We won’t spoil just how they’re all connected but believe us when we say you won’t want to miss out."

Well, I can think of only one connection historically speaking, and that's Power Girl. Trouble is of course that this isn't Helena Wayne, but Helena B, and they don't share any connection with JSA---and BOP needs Helena B. Still, it seems promising, IF they get over that hurdle, since it would likely mean that Karen Starr from Mr. Terrific IS Power Girl from Earth 2. Since PG herself DOES share history with the three books mentioned, plus some with both Huntresses.

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Sounds interesting.

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You're right PG has affiliations with them.

Just not sure about Birds of Prey. She and Oracle had been on bad terms. But if Oracle never existed in the reboot then she can also be connected to the BOP.

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I'm still guessing Mr. Terrific opens a portal to Earth-2 and meets a superpowered version of his girlfriend, Karen Starr, in Power Girl.

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